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twenty, australia, vegan, single,
pop punk, vodka, disney, animals.
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i don't reply to fan mail and i don't
have kik/skype so don't bother.
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turns out a creampie isn’t a pastry and the internet is a disgusting place

I’m so sick of you expecting everything to go your way and not caring about others okay GETTIN REAL SICK

Ugh, fucking entitled people thinking they seem to DESERVE you posting that picture uncensored. Like it's not that fucking difficult of a concept that it's YOUR fucking body, if you want to slap a love heart over see through panties, you can do exactly that and we your followers are lucky to see pictures of your beautiful self at all. You look super cute in that picture as it is and I for one love that it was posted. Entitled creeps can fuck off! /angryrantathalfpastmidnight


Ahhhhhh I love you! You’re so kind, I appreciate this so much xxxx